Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Game

Range of Consoles
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince game is built for multiple platforms:
- Nintendo Wii
- PlayStation 3
- Xbox 360
- Nintendo DS
- Sony PSP
- PC
- PlayStation 2
- more specifications...

P.S Variable prices for each platform!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince  Game Review
The game follows the movies version mostly and tries to stay with the book. The one thing I'm amazed at is the graphic detail of the world of Harry Potter and the vastness of the areas you can explore.The in-game duels are fun, but the multi-player duels are awkward. I think it's great how much control over things you have in the game. This is not a 'shooter' or fighting game. There are plenty of those to choose from in other ways. This is a story adventure and if you're a Harry Potter fan and for the price, I recommend it.
Video Review
Year six at Hogwarts' darker tone means more action, potions, puzzles, and, of course, more Voldemort. But, it's not all doom and gloom as even the videogame world addresses Harry's growing adoration for Ginny. Wii, PS2, PS3, PSP, Mac, PC, DS, Xbox 360, Electronic Arts.