Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup

Range of Consoles
This PC game is built for multiple platforms:

- GameCube
- Xbox
- Game Boy Advance
- PC
- PlayStation 2
- more specifications...

P.S Variable prices for each platform!

Game Review
The best part of this Harry Potter Quidditch computer game is the world cup where the player can become the controller of an international quidditch team and fight there way to the top of the league.
Before you can get to the world cup you first have to beat the Hogwarts cup, which seemed to me to be like an enterance into the controls of the game. In this game you can play as all of the Hogwarts house teams and some of the international quidditch teams mentioned in the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup brings you the complexity and challenge of the favorite sport in Harry Potter's world!
The first multiplayer Harry Potter experience, where two players can play head-to-head.

Video Review