The World of Harry Potter

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This great CD-ROM computer game is designed for Windows XP platform.
Game Review
If you are aged between 7 and 12 then you should definitely play it! Reasons to buy it:
- the graphics in the game are exceptional, right down to the images of the characters;
- this pack contains those Potter games that were designed for the PC with mouse and keyboard controls;
- good camera;
- more specifications...

It’s very interesting that even an old person like myself can learn to play it.As an adult whose not to pc game savvy, this is really fun. It's a lot like the books - a little mystery and fright but tons of fun and always interesting.
You’ll be extremely pleased with this set of games.I would reccomend these to any HP fan young or old.
World Of Harry Potter brings all of the early Harry Potter adventures to life. Experience his first three years at Hogwarts Academy, as he faces new trials and dangers at every turn. Combine the abilities of Harry, Hermione and Ron as they take on menaces unlike anything the world's ever seen before. Includes Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner Of Azkaban and Quidditch World Cup.

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